Gruppo Editoriale Simone, for over 50 years we have been producing highly specialized content, an essential point of reference for all students: in fact, hundreds of thousands of people have, over the decades, prepared for an exam or won a competition with our manuals, software, codes, compendiums, online expansions etc…

A publishing group which includes various brands:

Edizioni Simone Giuridico

Clear and up-to-date legal content for all students for over 50 years

DIKE Giuridica

For professionals and legal practitioners, magistrates, lawyers and higher competitions

Edizioni Simone Concorsi

Leader for preparation for national and local competitions and professional qualifications

Simone per la Scuola

For over 30 years a reference for lower and lower secondary schools with agile and complete texts

Nissolino Editore

For competitions in the Army, Navy, Air Force, in the Police, Carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza bodies

Ardea Editrice

Since 1994 alongside pupils and teachers of nursery, primary and secondary schools

Il gatto verde Edizioni

Illustrated and scientific popular books for boys and girls aged 0 to 12

Il Gruppo Editoriale Online

Dedicated portals, Code Apps, online simulators, competition news, insights, workshops